Police brutality puzzle pieces

Most people would trust in the police to treat people fairly; follow the rules; and protect and serve in the best way possible. But not all officers take their oath as seriously as others. While there is plenty of trustworthy and professional police handling crime, there are others that are choosing to use excessive force against individuals. When the police use excessive force without having a reason to do so, they are committing an act of police brutality. When involved in a situation where brutality has occurred, it is a wise decision to file a police brutality lawsuit. DeZao Law is here to help you understand your rights as a civilian.

The Fourth Amendment

The Fourth Amendment is included in the Constitution and clearly states that unreasonable seizures and searches should not be performed by the police. It is one of the many rights that civilians have when dealing with the law. When a police officer attempts to search or seize property without having probable cause or a related investigatory authority to do so, they are taking advantage of their position. 

If you refuse to allow the search to occur and you then become a victim of excessive force as the officers attempt to put you in handcuffs or hurt you in some way, such as wrestling you to the ground, hitting you, tazing you, or even firing a shot at you. These are the kinds of things you hear about in the news from time to time. But the use of excessive force can happen to anyone at any moment. If a situation like this has happened to you, it is only right for you to file a lawsuit against police for excessive force.

The Fourteenth Amendment

Victims of police brutality fought for their rights and the right of others to have due process when dealing with legal situations. It is because of Brown v. Mississippi, a landmark civil rights case, that the right to due process now exists. The due process clause states that all citizens have the right to receive fair treatment throughout the judicial system, whether they are believed to be innocent or not. 

No citizen should be mistreated due to their race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Because the Fourteenth Amendment was created in the late 1800s, you have a right to receive fair treatment. Whether you are in the wrong or not. A police officer that uses excessive force is going against the training they received when they were in the police academy. Thus opening the doors for a potential lawsuit.

Are You a Victim of Police Brutality? DeZao Law Wants to Hear From You

If you are a victim of police brutality and you believe that your rights were violated when dealing with a police officer or multiple police officers, you need to talk to a lawyer. He can help you with an excessive force lawsuit. 

At DeZao Law, we understand how complicated, frustrating, and scary these types of situations are for the victims. But we are here to help you. Consult with us for free by dialing (973) 358-6134. You have rights. It is important for you to stand up against the officers that chose to use excessive force on you.

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