NJ Transit to Pay Pedestrian $12.75 Million in Massive Settlement

An injured New Jersey man is set to receive a $12.75 million settlement from NJ Transit. He will receive it after sustaining multiple injuries caused by a driver for the bus company. The man was in the crosswalk when a speeding NJ Transit bus passed through the intersection, hitting the victim and causing him to sustain traumatic brain injuries

The victim, Jason Gillespie, suffers from neurological damage that keeps him from driving a vehicle or returning to work. He has suffered both physically and mentally due to the accident that occurred at the hands of a negligent driver. He failed to follow the speed limit or break on time to avoid hitting Gillespie. The settlement is a large one. But it does not come as a shock; because Gillespie hired a personal injury lawyer NJ to help with his case. DeZao Law explains how a similar windfall could be had if someone who is injured by public transit gets a personal injury lawyer involved.

How Did Gillespie Win the Case?

Several factors in the case helped Gillespie end up reaching such a massive settlement with NJ Transit. After sustaining his injuries, Gillespie decided it was in his best interest to hire a personal injury attorney NJ for assistance. He provided all the details he could remember from the incident. That includes the exact intersection where the incident occurred. And also the types of injuries as a direct result of getting hit while standing in the crosswalk. Gillespie had medical records to use as evidence of these injuries, including the traumatic brain injuries that are now preventing him from completing tasks that once came naturally to him.

Why Was the Win So Important?

The personal injury attorney made sure to carefully review his case to get more information about the situation before filing the lawsuit against NJ Transit. Once the information was collected and the attorney had time to review it all, the lawsuit was filed. they made NJ Transit  aware of the pending litigation against them. The goal was to make sure that NJ Transit understood the damage caused by one of the drivers it hired. 

When the company hires drivers, they have an expectation that those drivers will follow road rules and drive safely. But that is not what happened when Gillespie got his injuries. As a result of the bus driver’s negligence, it was important for NJ Transit to admit fault. And attempt to settle with the injured victim. The win was so important because of the suffering endured by Gillepsie. The accident will now negatively impact him for the rest off his life.

Injured by Public Transit? DeZao Law Wants to Talk to You

After sustaining injuries in an accident involving public transit, you should contact a bus accident lawyer NJ for professional advice. You may be able to win an astronomical amount of compensation due to the extent of the injuries caused by a negligent driver who was not following the rules or was under the influence while operating the vehicle that hit you. If you would like to find out if you a legitimate claim, contact the law office of DeZao Law today by calling (973) 358-6134.

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