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As a school nurse in West Orange, New Jersey, Rosalie Dudkiewicz was known as someone who was always moving around. She has always been the kind of person who likes to stay active and do something instead of sitting still for too long. She is now known for an innovative device that she has worked hard to create — the Zero Compression Back Brace. 

Zero Compression Back Brace

Dudkiewicz first became a school nurse because had a passion for helping other people and providing care to them. However, things changed when she became the victim of medical malpractice during a routine procedure. The procedure left her with injuries that caused her to question if she would ever get to go back to the job she loved.

The purpose of the medical procedure was to relieve back pain that Dudkiewicz was constantly experiencing. She had tried various methods to get relief, none of which worked. So eventually went through with the procedure that was supposed to improve her condition and give her the relief she yearned for. But this did not happen. Instead, she was left with damage to her spine that she did not have before undergoing the procedure. 

The physician attempted to make it seem like it was no big deal. So Dudkiewicz took a leave of absence with the hope of healing over time. However, she quickly became depressed over her situation. During this time, she had an idea for a back brace and it was her husband who helped her put it together. 

She noticed the difference the brace would make. And she continued to work on making changes and upgrades to it until she could perfect it. She now wants other people to know about the brace because it can help them get much-needed relief. DeZao Law goes over what victims should do when dealing with a situation that is similar to what Dudkiewicz went through.

Why Is Hiring an Attorney Important for Situations Like This?

Dudkiewicz believed that she was undergoing a procedure that would make a positive difference for her, not cause her to suffer from even more pain than before. When in a situation that is similar to hers, hiring the right NJ personal injury attorney is essential. 

The attorney could help the victim file a lawsuit. That’s against the physician, surgeon, and the medical hospital where the procedure was performed. Negligence and poor decisions could lead to medical malpractice that causes victims to suffer. A personal injury lawyer in NJ would work on collecting medical records. That includes details on the list of medications taken that did not work, the therapy that is now required because of the injury, and more.

Injured During a Surgical Procedure? DeZao Law is Prepared to Help

When you agree to undergo a surgical procedure, you are doing so because you believe that it is in your best interest. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong, you are the one who will suffer. If something like this has happened to you, do not wait around to talk to a workers comp lawyer in NJ.

The lawyer handles medical malpractice cases that may involve you taking a lot of time off work to heal from your injuries. If you want to find out if you can pursue compensation for your injuries, contact DeZao Law today. Our number is (973) 358-6134 and we provide free consultations to our potential clients.

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