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When fall arrives, people tend to look forward to the cooler temperatures. They are a bit of a break from the incredibly hot and humid summer months. There is a lot to look forward to in the fall. But there are also a few common injuries that tend to occur. 

People are completing different fall-related chores or walking outside when it is raining or snowing. So there is a much greater risk of sustaining injuries that can land you in the hospital. If you would like to know the most common injuries that occur in the fall, DeZao Law provides a list of the three most common injuries that occur.

Back Sprains

A back sprain often occurs due to overexertion of the muscles and bodily structures responsible for giving motion to the back. Not to be confused with a back strain. There are many ways to end up with a back sprain. If you are out in the backyard while using a rake to remove some of those fallen leaves that come off the tree during the fall, you might move your body in a certain direction that eventually puts a strain on your back. A strain is not the same as a sprain. But it could eventually lead to a sprained back if you do not take it easy.

During the fall, it is easier to slip and get hurt. That's because there are wet leaves on the ground and possibly even some snow and ice that fall. If the ground is wet or slippery, you may try to be careful, but you can still end up falling on your back and spraining it. When you sprain your back, you can experience a lot of pain. You may have a difficult time walking or even sitting until the sprain heals.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are another common injury to occurs during the fall. A person can break a bone in different parts of their body. Such as their arms, hands, neck, and even their legs. The reason it is more common for someone to break a bone during the fall is that there are several more risks for everyone, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. 

A driver might break a bone after getting into a car accident that was caused by a wet, slippery road. A pedestrian might break several bones after a fall outside because the ground is wet, slippery, or even icy. It is common for those involved in slip and falls and car accidents to hire a personal injury lawyer in NJ. They can assist them with taking legal action against the negligent party.

Concussions/Head Trauma

Aside from back sprains and broken bones, concussions and/or head trauma are common injuries that people often experience during the fall. Much like the other injuries, concussions and head trauma can occur when a person is involved in a weather-related accident, such as a car accident caused by ice on the road or a slip and fall accident caused by wet leaves that are sticking to the ground. If someone hits their head on the ground or inside a vehicle, the impact can cause a concussion or a traumatic injury to the brain. When someone does sustain serious head trauma after slipping on another person’s property, they should hire a slip and fall attorney in NJ to recover damages.

Were You Recently Injured? DeZao Wants to Help You

If you were recently injured in an accident during the fall, DeZao Law would like to help. The weather that comes with the season can often contribute to serious injuries. Such as back sprains, broken bones, and head trauma. Cold weather injuries are serious and often lead to hospitalization. If you need legal help because of the accident you were involved in, contact DeZao Law today at (973) 358-6134.

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