Child support is provided by one parent to the other parent to help cover the child-related expenses. Raising a child is certainly not cheap. However, some people fail to pay their child support or they do not agree with the specific amount of money they have been ordered to pay to the other parent for their child or for multiple children. When dealing with these types of situations, you should know some important details about NJ child support and the laws that exist in the state. DeZao Law describes some of the laws to make sure that you understand them all.

Both Parents Are Required to Provide Support

When it comes to NJchildsupport, both parents are required to provide support to the children. However, one parent may deal with most of the expenses because the child lives with that parent. Thus the child eats at that parent’s house, has clothes at the house, and has access to other necessities. 

When one parent is doing it all, the other parent still needs to provide compensation, even if that parent is not heavily involved in the lives of the children. It is one of several child support laws NJ that currently exists. If a parent feels like they do not need to pay because they are questioning the paternity of the child, they can request to have a DNA test completed.

Child Support Payments Cover Numerous Child-Related Expenses

The child support payments are meant to cover numerous child-related expenses that parents tend to have. Some of these expenses include:

  • The cost of shelter
  • The cost of food
  • School supplies and schooling costs
  • Daycare costs
  • The cost of basic necessities, including soap, shampoo, deodorant, and more
  • Cost of clothes and shoes
  • Cost of transportation expenses to get to and from school or other activities

These different expenses are considered when a specific amount is set for one parent to pay to the other parent as NJ child support.

Failure to Pay Could Lead to an Arrest Warrant and Time in Prison

When someone does not make child support payments for several months, they can end up with an arrest warrant in their name. It is best to get a professional child support lawyer NJ involved in such serious situations that could lead to time in prison. There are times when someone has a legitimate reason for being unable to make payments. In that case, they will need to consult with an attorney while learning more about the child support laws NJ currently has in place for the sake of the children to ensure that they do not have to suffer.

Want to Know the Laws Surrounding Child Support in NJ? DeZao Law is Ready to Help

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