A woman who slipped and sustained injuries while shopping at a BJ’s Wholesale Club has just been awarded a $1 million settlement for her injuries. After a slip and fall while at the store, the woman sustained multiple injuries. Like damage to her hip, knee, and spine. 

The payment was slightly lowered to 850,000 due to some fault of the victim, but she is still receiving a large sum of money for her injuries. Just like this woman, other victims of accidents can end up with similar verdicts. But they will need to hire a slip and fall attorney NJ for legal guidance and support. DeZao Law is there to explain how these hefty settlements are often reached.

Getting a Lawyer Involved

One thing people with injuries often do is hire a slip and fall lawyer NJ shortly after the accident happens. Of course, it is important to do so rather quickly due to the statute of limitations. Anyone with serious injuries who knows they will be unable to work on a temporary or permanent basis should speak with an attorney about their situation. It is quite challenging for victims to receive this type of compensation without receiving help from a legal expert who regularly takes on personal injury lawsuit cases.

Helping Gather Much-Needed Evidence

In some slip and fall cases, it is one person’s word against another person’s word. However, when there is evidence involved, it becomes more evident as to who is telling the truth and who is not being honest. The NJ personal injury lawyer would work directly with the victim of an accident to gather much-needed evidence. It is still possible to win a lawsuit without as much evidence. But there is a greater chance of reaching a larger settlement when the evidence is stacked up against the defendant. That’s in order to prove they were in the wrong.

Being Honest with the Lawyer

Upon hiring a slip and fall attorney NJ, victims must be honest about what really happened, even if they are slightly at fault. It is still possible to receive a payout for the injuries due to negligence on the behalf of someone else. Such as a homeowner or commercial building owner. It all depends on how the accident occurred in the first place. The slip and fall lawyer NJ wants to talk to the victim, ask questions, and receive honest answers to questions. All in order to help the victim receive justice; in the form of a large settlement offer from the negligent party.

Injured in a Slip and Fall? Be Sure to Contact DeZao Law for Help

If you have been injured in a slip and fall, the NJ personal injury lawyer is here to help. At DeZao Law, we want you to receive compensation that will cover various expenses, including the medical bills and loss of wages you might have because of all your injuries. When you are hoping to achieve a positive outcome and get the highest amount possible because of all that you have endured, you can trust in us to work hard to make that happen. Call our law office today at (973) 358-6134 and schedule your consultation to receive expert legal guidance.