Myths about workers' compensation


Thinking about workers’ compensation is like contemplating a life-altering medical diagnosis. It is a terrifying idea, and you hope you never have to deal with it. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid all of life’s woes and heartaches. But workers’ compensation is a topic which some warped narratives follow. Before we get into the specifics of what you should or shouldn’t believe about workers’ compensation, you should know the team of workers’ compensation lawyers at the Law Offices of James C. DeZao has the expert consultants you need to represent your case; a workers compensation lawyer has all of the answers to the questions you haven’t thought to ask yet. 

“I don’t need a workers’ compensation lawyer when I can get a federal refund”

This myth is referring to the subsidiaries that the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation can provide for specific costs brought on by your accident, including wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, or rehabilitation. Although these claims can be granted, there may be other avenues for compensation that an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can pursue and that the Office of Workers’ Compensation won’t. 

For example, if a third party contributed to the accident, like a subcontractor or equipment manager, and can be proved responsible, it could result in them owing you compensation for your hardships. In other instances, your employer could be responsible. Each case has different circumstances and deserves the attention of an expert workers’ compensation lawyer. 

“My accident had to be on-site for my case to be eligible for workers’ compensation”

Any workers’ compensation lawyer who is worth your time will tell you this assumption is false. As long as you are working or commuting under the governance of your employer, your case can classify as workers’ compensation. This applies to situations that may occur while you’re traveling for work. Or when you’re working at an off-site location. E.g., a client’s home for a job or an office different from your usual location. An important distinction to note is how workers’ compensation does not apply to an employee’s commute to or from work.

“My case would not hold up as a workers’ compensation claim”

This is an assumption many aggrieved employees believe, and it leads to many claims never being filed when there are dollars at play that could help the potential client offset the costs of an unforeseen accident. With a sufficient workers’ compensation lawyer, you will feel surprised at how a situation you felt unsure of can lead to repayment. This could be a welcome reprieve from the damages that a work-related injury or disease caused. Such as electrocution, burns, cuts, amputations, head injuries, or respiratory ailments caused by inhaled toxins.

A workers’ compensation claim feels too complicated for me to start working on.

Maybe with other lawyers, but the well-established legal team at the Law Offices of James C. DeZao makes it easy to earn funds that your workplace rightfully owes you. Simply call our toll-free number, (973) 358-6134, or visit us online to schedule a free consultation.