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Cyber harassment may take place online, but it is just as bad as any other form of harassment. It can lead to emotional trauma that causes an individual to feel stressed, anxious, and possibly even suicidal. There are people who have taken their own lives because of the severe cyber harassment they endured on various social media platforms. While it is upsetting when harassment occurs, it is even worse when you are going through a divorce battle with your ex and are being harassed online. DeZao Law provides details on cyber harassment in New Jersey and what you should do if this is something that is happening to you.

What Is Considered Cyber Harassment?

Cyber harassment includes any type of bullying, verbal threats, or exposure of private information that takes place online. These situations often occur on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but may happen on dozens of other websites and public forums as well. During a divorce, there are a number of ways that a bitter ex may attempt to get back at their former partner, which can easily turn into cyber harassment. Such actions include:

  • Spreading false information to others about the individual on social media
  • Sending threats and making verbally abusive comments on social media
  • Posting revenge porn online

When cyber harassment occurs, it is serious because it can ruin a person’s reputation and cause them to fall into a deep depression that keeps them from wanting to live their life. If you are dealing with cyber harassment, print copies of everything that is going on and meet with an experienced NJ family law attorney right away. You do have legal options when dealing with such a horrific situation.

What Can You Do When Dealing with Cyber Harassment During a Divorce?

There are several steps you can take when you are a victim of cyber harassment. You will need to talk to a family law attorney about what is going on. You should have copies of any private messages, comments, or photos that have been posted of you online. 

When you have proof of what is taking place, it is easier to ensure that the person who is harassing you online is held accountable for what they are doing. Cyber harassment is a crime in the state of New Jersey. If it is happening, you need to make a police report and bring your attorney to New Jersey with you. Not only can your ex have charges filed against him or her for the harassment. But you can also file a civil lawsuit against the individual for his or her actions. Those convicted of cyber harassment will face prison time.

Victim of Cyber Harassment in New Jersey? Call DeZao Law Today

Are you are being harassed online? You need to know what to do to put a stop to it and seek justice. Not only can you file a police report. But you can also press charges and hire an attorney to file a lawsuit against the individual for libel. When you want justice, DeZao Law can help. We have the experience needed to help clients overcome these emotionally traumatic situations. Call us today at (973) 358-6134 to book a free consultation and get the help you deserve.