Police line do not cross tape at a crime scene

Most police officers take on the job because they want to stop crime and help people in need. But others can sometimes take things a bit too far, causing serious problems for potentially innocent people. When a police officer does not follow proper protocol while arresting a suspect or encountering a potential suspect, it can quickly lead to police brutality. Just because someone is a suspect does not give a police officer the right to exceed a reasonable use of force against that individual. Regardless of the severity of the crime. Those who fall victim to police brutality in New Jersey often feel like they will never receive justice. That’s because they are up against the authority of the government, but that is not true.

Those who become victims of such violent acts should speak to a New Jersey police brutality lawyer to talk about what transpired and what types of injuries they suffered due to the actions of one or more police officers. DeZao Law explains what you can do as a victim of police brutality in the state of New Jersey.

Talk to Witnesses and Ask Them to Provide Statements

Its possible bystanders may have witnessed the actions of the law enforcement officers when they acted unreasonably or brutalized you, whether it happened outside or inside an establishment. Those people can play such a significant role in helping you get justice for the situation because they can provide truthful statements on what transpired in front of them. Aside from people on the ground, an “eye in the sky” may also help. Be sure to canvass the surrounding area (or areas) where the incident occurred for surveillance cameras. They may have captured the incident as well. 

Most law enforcement officers are honest. But some may fabricate stories and claim that they had to get rough because the individual was resisting arrest. If you did everything correctly and still ended up brutally battered by the police, you may have a compelling case for potential police brutality in NJ, and having witnesses on your side can work in your favor.

Work Alongside an Attorney Who Can Help

You should work alongside an attorney who can work on your case after you have gotten information from witnesses; such as their phone numbers and names so that you can contact them at a later time. Police brutality in New Jersey does happen and there are lawyers available. They help the victims that go through such a traumatic experience at the hands of someone who is in an authoritative position. 

What the attorney will do is collect statements from witnesses, check for possible surveillance footage, and make documents of all the injuries you suffered from after the attack. All the information they collected, will use in court when filing a lawsuit against the officer in question.

Are You a Victim of Police Brutality? DeZao Law is Ready to Help

Did a police officer attack you and cause great pain and suffering? Know that it is not something you deserved or something that you should have had to experience at the hands of someone who is supposed to protect the public instead of hurting them. Now that you are in such a serious situation, you need to hire a police brutality attorney. 

At DeZao Law, we are ready to put up a fight against any involved parties to help you seek justice. Call our office at (973) 358-6134 or complete our contact form.

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