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Whiplash is not just a great movie, but also something that can easily happen to a person when they are involved in an accident.  When you want to know what is whiplash, it is a condition that negatively affects the neck and head area. While it is a common side effect of auto accidents, it can occur during other types of accidents as well. 

If you do not know too much about whiplash and the way that it feels, you might not know if you have it. The best way to know if this is something you are suffering from is to know of the common signs of whiplash. DeZao Law goes over those signs to provide you with more information on what you might be suffering from after being involved in a serious accident.

You Are Experiencing Pain in Your Neck

While some people experience pain in the neck because of a strain due to sitting a certain way, the pain that you will feel when you have whiplash is often much worse. It is an annoying kind of pain that makes it hard for you to participate in activities that you would normally enjoy participating in. If you are in a lot of pain, you should talk to an experienced NJ personal injury lawyer to discuss the injuries you ended up with after your accident. You might be able to file a lawsuit against the person who caused your accident.

It Is Difficult or Nearly Impossible to Move Your Neck Around

Another one of the common signs of whiplash includes difficulty moving your neck around. It might feel like it is impossible for you to look to the left or right side. If you are unable to move your head from one spot to the next, you likely have whiplash. If this happened due to a car accident, hiring a professional NJ car accident lawyer would be in your best interest. The lawyer could make a list of all your injuries and work on pursuing compensation for you.

The Pain Spreads Down to Your Shoulders

There are times when whiplash is so severe that it is spreading down from the neck to the shoulders, making it even harder for you to move around. If you cannot move around, you cannot go to work, and that means you might lose out on income that you were depending on. It is yet another reason to work with an experienced NJ personal injury lawyer based on the severity of your situation.

You Continue to Experience Random, Painful Headaches

The NJ car accident lawyer can help you if you are experiencing random and painful headaches that seem to appear each day. These chronic headaches could be a side effect of the whiplash you have from your accident.

Think You Have Whiplash After an Accident? DeZao Law Is Ready to Help You

If you believe that you might have whiplash after getting into an accident, you need to talk to an attorney. Now that you know what is whiplash and what types of symptoms commonly occur because of it, you should seek medical attention and consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you do want to file a lawsuit, DeZao Law is prepared to help you. Call us today at F:P:Sub:Phone} or send us your information!