3 Signs That You May Be a Victim of Negligent Security

Business owners are supposed to provide a safe environment for the employees who work for them and the customers who are visiting the establishment to purchase products. When a business fails to provide a certain level of security to both customers and employees, problems can ensue. Those problems can lead to major injuries for some people. You may be the victim of negligent security if you were recently injured while working or while visiting an establishment to shop.

As a victim of negligent security, you do have legal options. You can even hire a negligent security lawyer. They can help file a claim and put up a fight for you. All based on the events that occurred and caused your injuries. Before doing so, DeZao Law talks about some of the signs that you may be a victim of negligent security in the first place.

You Were Physically Attacked by Someone

It is possible that someone physically attacked you while you were trying to do your job. A customer might have been annoyed about something that was going on. And they decided to take that frustration and anger out on you, attacking you and causing harm. What this customer did is known as an act of battery and it is not acceptable. 

If security was not negligent, they should have been able to prevent the attack from happening. Or put a stop to it quickly before you ended up with any injuries. Even if you were not an employee, another customer in the store might have attacked you while you were shopping for items.

Security Failed to Control the Crowd

It is important for security to keep a close eye on everyone. Especially when there is a large crowd in a store; because of a special discount or different types of deals that are being offered. If security guards are not paying attention to the crowd and they fail to keep the crowd under control, madness can occur. That can lead to a stampede of people running over one another with shopping carts; and trampling over people while knocking them down to the floor. It is not something you should ever experience while shopping, but it can happen when security is negligent.

You Were Injured Because Someone Got Past Security

In some situations, a person who has been banned from an establishment may have managed to get past security. That ultimately resulted in an attack on you that caused you to sustain multiple injuries. Security is there to prevent unauthorized people from getting into a building. If security was not doing the job they were hired to do, they were being negligent, and that means you should hire a negligent security attorney to represent your side of the situation while you file a lawsuit to recover damages.

Did Negligent Security Lead to Your Injuries? DeZao Law Wants to Hear From You

You may need to hire an NJ personal injury attorney if you ended up with injuries while visiting a business or working for a business. A lack of security could have been the reason that you ended up with such injuries in the first place. If you would like to learn about your options and get professional legal help, DeZao Law would like to talk to you. Give us a call at (973) 358-6134 or submit your information through our simple and convenient contact form.

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