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Useful Parenting Apps When Going Through a Divorce

Divorces can be extremely stressful on those going through them. If there are children involved, however, things can become overwhelming quickly. As a parent, your number one concern is your kids’ well being, and divorce can lead to separation from your little ones, which can have an immense mental impact on both parents. If you find yourself in this situation there are tools you can use to better manage your life. Here are some useful parenting apps to use when going through a divorce. 

Our Family Wizard parenting apps

If you are looking for a great way to simplify your shared custody after divorce, Our Family Wizard may be the answer to your prayers. One of the most difficult parts of joint-custody is the feeling that your children need to be used as go-between and messengers. With Our Family Wizard, parents can share messages, update ex-spouses about doctor’s visits or other appointments, and even keep them up-to-date on expenses. Our Family Wizard is a great way to put the “he said/ she said” conflict to the side and get on with giving the children the best life possible.

Divorce Coping

For those still going through a divorce,  Divorce Coping is one of the great parenting apps for providing support and coping techniques in a humorous way. The advice, penned by Tracy West, the author of the self-help books Poetry of Divorce for Women and Diary of Divorce, provides emotional and practical help for coping with the stress of divorce. Divorce can be an extremely difficult time, but the tips West provides helps put a smile on your face, day after day.


Divorce can mean joint custody of the children. And joint custody can mean periods without seeing your kids. Artkive is a great way to keep your children’s artwork with you at all times, providing that happiness and pride you get from your child’s artwork wherever you go. Artkive allows you to take a photo of your child’s art, tag it, and store it virtually. Now you don’t have to be around your fridge or office to be able to enjoy the artistic flair of your child!


Mint is a handy app that allows you to keep track of your expenses. It allows you to track your income, expenses, and savings in one simple location. It works by securely logging into your existing bank accounts and downloading any recent transactions. Therefore, this makes it simple to track what you are actually spending, and areas where you could stand to save some money. Pretty cool, huh?

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Divorce is never enjoyable, especially if children are involved. If you are seeking a divorce, it is always advisable to talk with an experienced divorce lawyer beforehand. Understanding the complexities of custody, child-support payments, and everything else is crucial before you undertake and legal proceedings. Contact the Law Offices of James C. DeZao today at (973) 358-6134 today for your free consultation. Our experienced family law attorneys are here to help you and your children through this most difficult of times in your lives.