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Motor vehicle accidents happen when you least expect them. Just a momentary distraction of a driver on a busy road could result in a motor vehicle accident involving two or more vehicles. Of course, not all motor vehicle accidents involve only cars. Whether for commercial or personal use, trucks make up a significant part of the motor vehicle population in use throughout the country today. Trucks, like cars, come in all shapes and sizes. Some trucks are lightweight and designed more for the fun of driving and recreational purposes. Other trucks are of the heavy-duty variety and meant for use in work, including some heavy hauling. Another type is mostly designed for moving things, from food products to heavy machinery. Flatbed trucks and flatbed negligence can lead to serious injuries to motorists. Read below to find out more about truck accident injuries and what to do after.

What Is Flatbed Negligence?

A flatbed truck is simply a truck with a flatbed that is open on all sides. They can vary in size from that of a small truck to as large as a semi 18-wheeler. If you have ever seen a large truck hauling logs you know how large a load those giant flatbed trucks can haul. Those trucks that you sometimes see hauling prefabricated houses on the Interstate are also large flatbed trucks. There are obviously unique obstacles when operating such vehicles safely to avoid injuries to persons and property. The risks and hazards presented to drivers of cars due to flatbed negligence are numerous.

Truck Accident Negligence

Recently, National Safety Council estimates put the number of truck accidents at more than 330,000 per year throughout the United States. In 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also reported 4,761 deaths due to accidents involving large trucks. Trucks accidents in general also accounted for thousands of injuries to drivers and passengers that year.

Large flatbed trucks present added dangers not presented by other types of trucks. For one thing, flatbeds often carry oversized loads such as long drainage pipes or logs, as referred to earlier. Basic physics tells us that the heavier the load being transported, the longer it will take for the vehicle to come to a stop after the brakes are applied. Additional challenges can be presented in securing the loads carried by these vehicles. If the driver of the vehicle is traveling at an excessive speed or is not experienced driving that type of vehicle and load, the results can easily be fatal.

Proving Negligence in a Truck Accident

Proving negligence in a truck accident is an essential piece of the puzzle in winning your case based upon flatbed negligence. While all types of motor vehicle accidents are serious, accidents involving flatbeds and other large trucks present additional challenges. To combat these challenges, the drivers of these vehicles should receive extensive training prior to getting behind the wheel. If not, both the driver and the owner of the vehicle employing the driver can be found liable.

Truck Accident Injuries Attorney

If you have been a victim of truck accident negligence and suffered injuries as a result, you should contact the truck accident attorney you can trust at the Law Offices of James C. DeZao. Our expert lawyers can assist you through the entire legal process from start to finish, getting you full compensation for the sustained damages  in the accident, including payment of all medical and treatment bills, lost wages, damage to your vehicle, and compensation for your pain and suffering. Call us today for a free consultation at (973) 358-6134.

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