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Social media is great at keeping tabs on the day to day lives of those who use it. If you frequently post on social media, however, your shared information may come back to haunt you. While social media may seem like harmless fun, just one picture, comment, or private message could have massive implications should it be relevant to your divorce proceedings. It most likely will have a negative impact on your divorce. Here are five ways social media can impact your divorce case in New Jersey.

Evidence of Infidelity

According to statistics, approximately one in three divorces cite Facebook as a reason for the marriage’s split. Social media sites can leave vast trails of evidence of infidelity in their wake: pictures, messages, and location markers being the most common pieces of evidence found. If you or your partner were unfaithful, a New Jersey divorce attorney would be able to subpoena any relevant social media accounts as evidence of infidelity.

social media and divorce

Evidence of Abuse

Like infidelities, social media may also provide damaging evidence of abuse – either of your spouse or your children. Posts online which are aggressive, threatening, or mean-spirited may be subpoenaed and used as evidence to corroborate accusations of anger management issues or violent tendencies. Social media posts may also document drug or alcohol abuse, which your spouse’s attorney could use against you in child custody or visitation deliberations.

Revealing Financial Information

One of the most crucial aspects of any contested divorce case is the financial details of the spouses. Determining the amount of alimony or child support is vital, so if one party is attempting to hide assets, they better hope they aren’t bragging about their wealth on social media. Evidence of fancy trips, luxurious living or other lavish spending often appears in boastful social posts, but beware: if you post it, it’s subject to subpoena.

Proving Grounds for Libel

Social media is a great place to vent your anger or frustrations. But, if you are going through a painful divorce, it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself. Keeping comments off your social media feed is especially prudent if you are the type to make bold, uncorroborated, or simply untrue accusations. By publicly accusing your spouse of something that you can’t prove, you may find yourself the defendant in a libel suit.

social media and divorce

Helping to Locate a Hiding Spouse

Unfortunately, sometimes when faced with a divorce, some spouses choose to run away and hide rather than face their problems. Fortunately, social media offers crucial evidence to help track them down with location settings, clues in posts, and other relevant information. So, even if they try to run – if they’re online and on social media – they’ll probably be found.

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