5 deadliest pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry should be responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the individuals they claim to serve. After all, they are tasked with the discovery, development, and manufacturing of medications meant to make your life better.

However, reality often paints quite a different picture.

The industry entrusted with safeguarding the health of people all around the world has shifted its priority. Their thirst for profits, gains, and innovation has spurred the creation of various drugs that may serve the purpose they promised, but often have grave side-effects that cost people their lives.

As a regular consumer of products from the pharmaceutical industry, you have the right to seek damages if you think that certain medications you have consumed have compromised your health.

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Deadliest Pharmaceutical Lawsuits over the Years

There have been a lot of pharmaceutical injury cases through the years, but there are certain deadly cases that have changed the game when it comes to suing pharmaceutical companies.

Here are five of the deadliest pharmaceutical injury cases in history:

  1.    Cerivastatin (Baycol)

In 2001, Bayer AG recalled Baycol after 4 years on the market. Baycol was a prescribed drug that treated high cholesterol. However, research linked this drug to the development of rhabdomyolysis—a muscle disorder that clogs the kidneys with proteins from deteriorating muscle tissues. It was reportedly responsible for 52 deaths and has totaled $1.2 billion in litigation-related damages.

  1.    Yasmin

Yasmin is another one of Bayer’s products that has spurred outcry from consumers worldwide. This line of birth control pills has caused fatal blood clots, with over 50 deaths reported from 2004-2008 in the US alone. The company has paid at least $110 million to settle around 500 lawsuits on Yasmin.

  1.    Rofecoxib (Vioxx)

The Vioxx settlement is perhaps one of the largest drug settlements of all time. Merck, the company responsible for the drug, paid approximately $4.8 billion as a response to thousands of lawsuits over Vioxx.

This painkiller was poised to be the next blockbuster drug, promoted across the world as having far fewer gastrointestinal side-effects than similar drugs. However, studies showed that it caused deadly strokes and heart attacks to as many as 88,000 patients.

According to the medical journal Lancet, 38,000 Americans died from taking Vioxx.

  1.    Fenfluramine/ Phentermine (Fen-Phen)

Fen-Phen was a popular weight loss medication that combined Fenfluramine and Phentermine—a hyper stimulant and an appetite suppressant both promoted to combat obesity. This product, manufactured by Wyeth, turned into one of the most serious disasters in the pharmaceutical industry.

Fen-Phen caused fatal primary pulmonary hypertension to some of its users, and is also linked with the development of heart valve damages. The product was linked to countless deaths and has since caused Wyeth pay out more than $21 billion in legal expenses and awards.

  1.    Xarelto

This drug is an anticoagulant used to prevent blood clots and strokes from forming during surgeries or atrial fibrillation. However, although it did cut the risk for blood clots, it has caused severe internal bleeding that has resulted to at least 370 deaths. Just this January, a Pennsylvania state court judge tossed out the $28M Xarelto verdict, putting other Xarelto lawsuits at a questionable position.

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