Public transportation is a common way for many New Jersey residents to get around. Did you know that New Jersey Transit is the largest statewide public transit system in the nation? This means that there are over 2,000 buses that travel over 78 million miles each year. It’s no surprise that an NJ bus accident lawyer stays busy with the number of accidents that occur annually.

Many bus accidents are catastrophic, leaving victims with lifelong injuries and, in some cases, even ending in death. According to the Department of Transportation, between 160 and 190 pedestrians are killed each year when involved in an auto accident in New Jersey. There are several contributing factors a bus accident lawyer in NJ will say goes into these shocking statistics.

Contributing Factors

Although to the average person, reading these numbers can be a shock to the system. An experienced bus accident lawyer in NJ has stated that the explanation is actually simple. 

Over 70% of auto accidents in New Jersey happen in urban areas. In addition, New Jersey has the highest population density in the nation and is quickly urbanizing the state. 

The most common reason a bus accident occurs is that the bus driver was not paying attention, did not yield right of way, or was driving too fast. Many of these seem to be avoidable issues, which is why it is imperative that you contact an NJ bus accident lawyer immediately after an accident.

Types of Buses

There are several types of buses you will see on the road that can cause an auto accident in New Jersey according to an NJ bus accident lawyer. However, there are four main types including:

  • School buses: These buses carry children and other young people. They are government-owned and operated and do not have seat belts or other restraints. This makes them some of the most dangerous when involved in an accident.
  • City buses: These are the most common and where we see the highest amount of auto accidents New Jersey has. When accidents happen to riders, they often feel confused as to who is at fault and that answer is not always clear. A bus accident lawyer in NJ can examine the details of the accident and determine who the at-fault party is. 
  • Tour bus: These are privately owned buses that must adhere to stagnant regulations and ensure their drivers are properly vetted. Therefore, if the company hires a driver who has a history of intoxicated driving or an insurmountable amount of accidents they will be held liable for any injuries sustained. An NJ bus accident lawyer can navigate the complexities of these types of accidents. 
  • Airport shuttles: Shuttle drivers are often on strict deadlines due to the shuttle schedule. This can consequently lead to reckless driving habits that lead to an auto accident in New Jersey. You should contact a bus accident lawyer in NJ when this happens. 

Contact an NJ Bus Accident Lawyer Today

Driver error is common during bus accidents but it is no excuse when an auto accident in New Jersey occurs. If you have been involved in an accident and you need to speak to the top bus accident lawyer in NJ, Call the Law Offices of James C. DeZao, P.A. at (973) 358-6134.

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