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Buying and selling property is a big decision and oftentimes a NJ real estate attorney is the last person on your mind during the process. Unfortunately, those who do not hire an attorney can end up in difficult situations down the line. 

You need to be protected. Here are the top 5 reasons you should hire an attorney. 

  • Legal Advice

A real estate attorney cannot give you legal advice. While they can go over the contract to help you better understand it, they cannot advise you if it is the best route for you to take. 

A real estate attorney wants to make a sale at the end of the day and your best interest may not be in the best interests of the sale. An NJ real estate attorney can give legal advice and can review the contacts and ensure your best interests are being met. Do not go into a sale blind. 

  • Inspection Negotiations

Inspections are a necessary part of the buying and selling process. They do not always go well and having an NJ real estate attorney by your side to handle these negotiations can make all the difference. An attorney can draft the appropriate letters and documents for inspection negotiations. 

  • Review Contracts

Real estate agents follow a basic process and will just copy-paste your information onto a standard New Jersey Association of Realtors contract. 

For most homeowners, this is not an issue. However, as you know, every buying and selling is unique and should be handled as such. 

A standard contract will most likely not work for you. Your attorney can review the contract and advise you on any changes that should be made. During the three-day waiting period, an attorney can also cancel or revise the contract to ensure you are being protected. 

  • Closing Issues

Closing day has finally arrived, and you are ready to sign everything and get the keys to your new home. Sadly, closing day can also lead to problems. The two most common we see are the seller not moving out in time and the second is repair issues in the home. An attorney can renegotiate terms to circumvent those issues. 

  • Applying for a Mortgage

Once you find your perfect home, you are raring to go. You want to grab it off the market before someone else does. It’s your dream home and you cannot let anyone take it from you; you are willing to do everything you can to secure that home. This often means you can end up paying more for your home than what it is worth. 

Therefore, hiring an NJ real estate attorney means they can help you understand the limitations of your loan and any variables that can affect the ability to qualify for a loan in the amount that you will need to purchase your new home.

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