Distracted driving is a serious problem plaguing the streets of New Jersey. No matter where you look, you can spot motorists everywhere using their mobile devices while driving or sitting at red lights. New Jersey went as far as banning the use of handheld devices while driving. The law allows you to talk on the phone, but it must be using a hands-free device such as a headset or vehicle speakerphone. Therefore, this list will offer five tips to avoid distracted driving, so you don’t find yourself in violation of the law.

Save Mobile Devices for Emergencies

Use your mobile device only if there is an emergency. Try to avoid talking on the phone at all costs. You should never text, write an email, or hold the phone while operating a vehicle of any kind; otherwise, you could find yourself involved in a distracted driving accident. Put your mobile device in a place where it doesn’t tempt you to look at it or pick it for any reason other than an emergency.

Limit Your Activity in the Vehicle

Distracted driving does not only include the use of a mobile device. It also happens when there are too many people or too much occurring in your vehicle. Try to limit the activity in your car. Focus on driving, not changing the radio station, switching CDs, or talking to your passengers.

Adjust Before Beginning Your Trip

Whether you are traveling two miles down the road to work or across the country for vacation, make all of the necessary adjustments before beginning your trip. This preparation includes plugging an address into your GPS, tuning into your favorite radio station, changing the temperature in the vehicle, adjusting your seat, and moving your mirrors. Distracted driving accident lawyers recommend writing a checklist you can reference before every trip.

Refrain From Eating

There’s nothing more distracting than enjoying a meal while driving. The same goes for drinking hot coffee or tea. One little spill of a hot drink could cause you to swerve uncontrollably. You should not eat or drink while driving. Your focus will be on the food instead of the road. 

Pull Over if Necessary

Don’t be afraid to pull over to a safe place if you are becoming distracted by a passenger, your child, the radio, or a call. There’s no reason to sacrifice your life or the lives of others to save time on your route. Only pull off on the shoulder in an emergency. Instead, find a suitable parking lot away from the road that is safe for you and your passengers.

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