News about medical marijuana in New Jersey continues to dominate headlines. In July, Governor Phil Murphy announced that the Department of Health would give licenses for more dispensaries. The state received 146 applications throughout August, and they will review them for the next two months. However, the 30,000 people with cannabis prescriptions do not need to wait until November 1 to take care of their needs. There are currently six medical marijuana New Jersey dispensary locations, and all of them offer different products and services.

What You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in New Jersey

State residents with authorization would benefit from knowing which of these alternative treatment centers (ATCs) are closest and what they can provide. Here is some information on the current medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey.

North Jersey: Harmony Dispensary and Greenleaf Compassion

Harmony Dispensary, located within walking distance of the Secaucus Junction rail station, is the newest medical marijuana dispensary in New Jersey. As required by state law, they not only provide cannabis to prescribed patients but grow the herbs themselves. Its website claims that the company is not made up of just any cannabis farmers but “leading botanists using advanced robotic controlled environment agriculture.” Harmony Dispensary sells the buds either as they are, pre-ground, or pre-rolled into “cones.” Harmony Dispensary also offers significant discounts for veterans, senior citizens, and those who require government assistance. Pediatric patients can even buy marijuana products from the dispensary for half their regular price.

Conversely, North Jersey is also home to not only the first ATC in New Jersey but the first in the entire East Coast. Greenleaf Compassion, located in Montclair, offers many services that differentiate it from its neighbor in Secaucus. While they do not pre-grind or pre-roll their products, they do provide grinders and rolling papers that patients can use at home. More unique offerings include the Magical Butter Machine, a cooking device that is “used to infuse TCH/CBD into butter, cooking oil, and even lotion.” Another unique product they have is a “one-hitter,” a pipe that resembles a cigarette but is used to receive quick highs.

Central Jersey: Breakwater Treatment and Garden State Dispensary

The medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey all grow and provide a variety of strains. Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center is no exception, and the Cranbury-based dispensary cultivates 14 different kinds of cannabis. Each type has its own flavor and may have different effects, which in turn treat different symptoms. Some sharpen your focus such as S.A.G.E. #21 and Kush X. While some are more sedative, such as Grape Ape and Blueberry #32. The Bruce Banner can help fight depression; while the Kush VIII strain can combat insomnia, and both can  treat spasms and anxiety.

Meanwhile, those who live closer to Woodbridge have access to 22 different strains, including several hybrids of two or more types. Garden State Dispensary’s website gives profiles showing the symptoms and conditions each kind of marijuana treats best, according to patient feedback. These profiles even state the best time of day to smoke or consume them. Death Star and Grape God are best for nighttime; while Bubble Gum and Flo can be morning pick-me-ups. People can buy flowers or pre-rolls of each strain, but for a lower price, they can also purchase each strain’s “shake.” This term describes the small pieces of herb that can break off when someone shifts a marijuana flower.

South Jersey: Compassionate Cure Foundation and Curaleaf

Egg Harbor Township is home to Compassionate Care Foundation. This dispensary is named for the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act. They also promote their services with an emphasis on the patient. The webpage listing their available strains states that their counselors identify which strain to give based on each patient’s individual needs. The purpose they provide is accurate: “Not everyone will react to the same cannabis type in the same way.” For this same reason, they give consultations to every new patient, with the option of “free, ongoing counseling.”

You can find a Curaleaf dispensary in Bellmawr, but the company is actually a chain with more than 20 locations in nine other states. This wealth of experience secured them a permit to open one in the Garden State. There they have made a change in local medical cannabis law. Until recently, the NJ Department of Health would not allow medical marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey to sell marijuana-infused vaporizer cartridges. It was a request from Curaleaf (as well as Breakwater Treatment) that changed their minds. As of this writing, Curaleaf is the only dispensary with authorization to vend this kind of product. They also provide flowers, concentrates, and THC-infused lozenges.

This information is not just here to give a better idea of where to buy medical marijuana in New Jersey. It should also demonstrate the variety of approaches these dispensaries use; the diverse strains they sell; and the many symptoms they can treat. Currently, 30,000 New Jersey residents are legally allowed to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Each one of them has their own needs, as well as their own preferences.

How to start a medical marijuana dispensary in New Jersey

New Jersey’s Department of Health knows that six dispensaries alone cannot meet such high demand. That is why they started accepting applications to give six more licenses for medical marijuana providers. They will certainly be giving out more in the future. And if you are interested, you need to be prepared in advance. The Law Offices of James C. DeZao, P.A. can show you the requirements for how to start a medical marijuana dispensary in New Jersey. Call us today at (973) 358-6134 for more information and a free consultation.