The events surrounding divorce are never easy to handle. People go through the divorce process for various reasons, such as constant fighting, differing perspectives on what they want out of marriage, or falling out of love with each other. Whatever the reason for your divorce, you need to do everything possible to keep the process as stress-free as possible. Now, you will be dealing with stressful topics, so communication is the key to a low-stress divorce.

Texting and Emailing Can Be Disastrous

Communicating via text and email during a divorce can be disastrous. Why? It can be tough to interpret the tone of the message. What you think might be an innocent message could wind up instigating a fight with your soon-to-be former spouse because of the way he or she interpreted the correspondence, leading to a high level of divorce stress. It is best to limit communication via text and email when going through a divorce.

Set Your Boundaries

You have every right to set boundaries when it comes to communicating with your spouse while going through a divorce. Boundaries can help when learning how to deal with divorce stress. There will be specific issues that crop up during the divorce that you should refrain from discussing until you are in the presence of your attorney. Let your spouse know you want to meet in person to discuss issues surrounding the divorce and that you should do so in a neutral location.

Stay in the Present

It can be challenging to stay in the present when going through a divorce. Why? You likely want to blame your spouse for the divorce or for what went wrong with the marriage. Coping with divorce stress is not easy. However, you can make things easier on you and everyone else involved by staying in the present. Do not rehash problems from the past that led to this point in your life.

Constant Communication Is Not Healthy

Once you decide it’s time to file for divorce, you shouldn’t continue sustained communication with your spouse. This practice is not healthy. Even if your spouse wants to talk to you daily, you should not entertain this. It can lead to an unhealthy situation where your spouse believes there’s still a possibility of saving the marriage. Constant communication can lead to a lot of stress during a divorce.

Avoid Discussing Divorce Issues in Front of the Kids

If you have children, it is in everyone’s best interest to avoid discussing divorce issues in front of them at all costs. Picking the kids up from your spouse’s house is not an appropriate time to tell your spouse that you want to retain the family home or that you want their art collection. A stress-free divorce is only attainable when you keep the children out of the conversation. They will be dealing with enough emotions already. Don’t add to their stress by discussing the terms of the divorce in front of them.

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