Marriage is the mutual joining of two people as partners. It begins with the wedding, a usually joyous event which includes friends and family of the partners. Unfortunately, whether it is due to the stress of everyday life or perhaps a lack of commitment by one or both partners, almost half of the marriages in America end in divorce.  

A divorce is not a happy event. It involves a plethora of issues that must be dealt with by the partners.  They can be complicated and often very messy. The divorce process becomes more complicated when children are a part of the marriage dissolution. When the situation involves children, custody issues and child support questions will arise. Today, let’s consider these issues from the perspective of a family law attorney.

Child Support Questions

When children are a product of the marriage to be dissolved, issues of custody must be determined. Related to issues of custody are issues related to child support. Commonly asked child support questions generally revolve around the specifics surrounding the payments. Questions such as, “how much will the monthly payment be,” “How long will child support payments last,” and “If circumstances change can the amount be changed?” are among the most common issues asked by partners during the divorce process. If you are contemplating divorce and have these or other questions, consult the family law attorney you can trust at the Law Offices of James C. DeZao. We can answer your questions and assist you through the process.

Common Support Questions and NJ Law

Divorce laws and child support statutes differ from state to state throughout the nation. New Jersey has very detailed laws addressing child support issues which answer commonly asked child support questions. NJ statutes actually provide guidelines to be used to determine child support payments. They include a formula that allows the court to calculate the correct amount of weekly child support that will be owed to the parent who gets custody from the other parent.  If you are a parent and see a divorce on the horizon, don’t delay getting the legal help you will need.

Other Common Child Support Questions

Beyond determining the amount of child support, other common child support questions include the duration of payments and the modification of future payments. It is a common belief that child support payments come to an end when the dependent child turns 18 years old. While that is often the case, it sometimes isn’t. The divorce agreement, as negotiated between the parties, determines when child support payments will cease. Issues that may affect the agreed upon age may include whether the child is pursuing additional schooling after high school or whether the child has some type of medical issue or disability.  New Jersey law also allows for changes to be made to the amount of child support ordered due to various changes that may occur after the time of the initial agreement.

Consult an Experienced New Jersey Family Law Attorney

Beyond child support questions, divorce presents a plethora of legal issues that need to be properly addressed to ensure that you will get the fair dissolution agreement you deserve.  Consult the family law attorney you can trust at the Law Offices of James C. DeZao. Our expert divorce lawyers can assist you through the whole divorce process from start to finish, so you can avoid the pitfalls and get the settlement that you deserve. Call us today at (973) 358-6134 for a free consultation.