In New Jersey, if it’s not freezing outside, there’s time spent poolside with friends, vacations at the Jersey Shore with family, camping trips, fire pits, and hikes along beautiful nature trails. However, the summer season is the most common time of the year for people to suffer a burn injury. The team from The Law Offices of James C. DeZao, P.A. is here to discuss the common burn injuries you should be mindful of, no matter the season. 

Burns from the Grill

Barbeques are always a good time, which means bringing out the grills to cook steak, shrimp, chicken, pork, and vegetables. There’s nothing quite like grilled food on a cool day with friends and family around the table. However, burns from the grill can cause serious damage to your skin. If deep enough, the burns could land you in intensive care. 

Burns from the Firepit

The firepit is another common cause of burn injuries. Firepits are legal in New Jersey so long as they are contained. This means you can light a fire in your backyard to enjoy the aroma, make smores, or sit around and enjoy adult beverages with your neighbors and friends. Lighting the fire for a firepit can easily turn into a burn injury if you are not careful.


Believe it or not, gasoline is a common cause of burns despite its inherent flammability. More people are outside performing yard work, including cutting the lawn with gas-powered equipment. If you are pouring gasoline into your ride-on lawnmower and it spills without you knowing, starting the lawnmower could lead to a spark that starts a fire. You could easily suffer third-degree burns in a gasoline-fueled fire.


Recent changes in New Jersey law now allow people who are 16 or older to use certain fireworks. The fireworks permitted for use in New Jersey include ground-based sparklers, snakes, trick noisemakers, glow worms, and other novelties that are not fired into the air. Because of this, you are at a higher risk of suffering a burn injury, especially if you use fireworks at parties or New Year’s celebrations. 


The sun’s warm rays offer a welcoming sensation on a cool or crisp fall day, and while sunburn mostly gets folks in the summer months, you should always be vigilant of exposure to the sun, no matter the time of year. 

Did You Suffer a Burn Injury? Call an Attorney Today

Not every burn injury happens because you made a mistake. Your burn injury might have been caused by a defective product, the negligence of someone else, or even the malicious actions of another person. The majority of burn injuries occur at home, which is why you must be careful when using matches, lighters, torches, and other flammable items. No matter the reason for your burn injury, call The Law Offices of James C. DeZao, P.A. at (973) 358-6134 to schedule a consultation today. Our team will investigate your injuries, collect evidence, speak to witnesses, and build a case so you can recover compensation for your injuries with burn injury settlements.