As if it’s not bad enough to be involved in an automobile accident, you must look forward to talking to insurance representatives on the phone. While some people might like the idea of presenting their side of the story in detail, others compare the experience to a police interrogation. Before sitting down for that talk with an insurance company, here are a few tips to help ensure that you don’t give up any of your rights or jeopardize your right to full and fair compensation for your injuries

How to Talk to An Insurance Claims Adjuster

For starters, don’t forget that the insurance adjuster you talk to – regardless of whether he works for your insurance company or for the other party – is employed by the insurance company. As such, that person’s primary interests are that of their employer’s insurance company. Your interests are secondary at best. 

You are required to speak to an agent at your insurance company. The typical auto insurance policy requires you to report automobile accidents to your insurer, usually within a day or two. Even though you must notify them of the accident, you should be brief and not volunteer information that they don’t require you to. While you may be inclined to volunteer information to give a recorded statement to your insurance representative, you are not required to do so. 

Should I Talk to the Other Party’s Insurance Company?

Most people understand the need to report their auto accident to their own insurance company. What about the other insurance company? Should I talk to the other party’s insurance company? The law does not require you to speak to the representative of the other party’s insurance company. If you have already retained or are about to retain the services of a lawyer, you should notify the insurance representative of that fact and let your attorney communicate with the other person’s insurance adjuster. In fact, there are very few instances where communication with the other party’s insurance company would be needed. Remember, never agree to a recorded statement when speaking to the other insurance company representative. 

Talking to Their Insurance Company

The other party’s insurance company wants to give you as little as possible. Therefore, they will try to use anything you tell them to decrease the value of your claim. However, if you do speak to someone, only give narrow answers to the questions presented. Do not, under any circumstances, indicate you were somehow at fault for the accident. Also, do not downplay your injuries from the accident; avoid saying things like, “I’m fine” if asked how you are feeling.  

We Can Help You Talk to Insurance Companies

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