We constantly hear about the dangers of texting while driving, but what about the hazards of using a Global Positioning System (GPS)? Relying on a GPS to get you from point A to point B is not ideal or necessarily safe. When navigating the road, keeping your eyes ahead of you is your best bet. The invention of GPS was intended to aid drivers when they are lost or in a foreign destination. However, distracted driving is the result of 481,000 injuries every year. If you depend on your navigation system to get you to your destination, read on for the dangers of driving with GPS.

Trusting the GPS too Much

When your GPS is your lifeline to your destination, this can result in getting lost or getting in an accident. Too often, your GPS may tell you to turn left when there’s nowhere to turn. Not all navigation maps are accurate. Some maps are outdated or experience satellite communication errors during use. To get familiar with the roads, pay attention to what your GPS tells you instead of subconsciously following its commands. If you trust your GPS more than your intuition, things can go wrong.


GPS, believe it or not, is the number one most distracting task when driving. You probably thought it was texting or listening to the radio, but it’s not. When drivers are programming navigation devices, they rarely pull over to complete the task. This results in a significant distraction, and of course, may then result in an accident. If you need to implement your navigation, you should pull over to avoid causing a crash.

To prevent distractions like this, car manufacturers have programmed their vehicle-installed navigation systems to only work when the car is in park. However, there are still many manufacturers that build in features that work while the vehicle is in motion. Thus, the drivers’ attention is taken off of the road.

How to Keep Safe

Sometimes GPS is completely necessary. If you’re driving to a new destination or if you’re in a foreign place, navigation can be a life-saver. When using GPS, always start the app when you aren’t in motion. If you’re already on the road, pull over into a near parking lot and put in the address.

Before you take off, look at the directions. A lot of navigation programs have an overview option. This way, drivers can see what to expect ahead of time. It’s much safer to begin driving one you have a general idea of where you are going.

Purchase a mounting device! The most dangerous aspect of using a GPS when in motion is the fact the driver looks down at the device. Even for a split second, you can swerve into another lane or hit the driver in front of you. Having your GPS mounted on your dashboard will prevent this from occurring.

Another effective way to use GPS is the voice command. Many drivers have iPhones, so just speak to Siri, and she’ll get you where you need to go without ever having to lose concentration.

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