Divorce is never easy. When you or your spouse start to discuss the idea of separating, emotions will run high; divorce can feel like a failure. But whether you think it’s good, bad, right, or wrong, the truth is: divorce happens. 

The way you handle the news and avalanche of emotions is a big factor in how you can handle divorce. There are ways to prepare for it if you feel it is imminent.

You need to be on the lookout for the common signs that it’s time to divorce. What are they, exactly? Keep reading to learn the five signs it’s time to divorce.

5. Constantly Facing Criticism

If you are constantly facing criticism from your spouse or feel he or she always puts you down, it is time for a divorce. When one person in the relationship goes through these emotions they often have feelings of not being good enough for their spouse. This can easily lead to anger, resentment, and even infidelity in some instances. A big reason why marriages fall apart is due to overly-critical commentary by each partner. It’s important to communicate with love, respect and openness.

4. Ideas of the Future Have Changed

When you were dating or engaged, did you often talk with your spouse about having children? Did you have a plan for the future? Did you know where you would live, who would work, whereyou would spend the holidays and more? 

When these ideas for the future change drastically, especially when it comes to starting a family, divorce can be a factor in the picture.

3. Arguments Become Repetitive

It’s healthy for married couples to argue. No marriage is perfect, and no marriage will exist without an argument here and there. It’s when the arguments center around the same topic more and more that things can get interesting. Repetitive arguments happen because you two are unable to solve the underlying problem. This is a sign that divorce could be in your future.

 2. Socializing with Each Other’s Friends and Families Stops

The less often you socialize with each other’s friends and families is a sign that divorce is possible. Couples can’t solely focus on each other in order to maintain a healthy relationship, they need other people involved as well.

It can’t always just be the two of you out to dinner, going to the movies, or staying in on a Friday night. You both need to have friends, and you two also need to spend time with both sides of the family.

1. Intimacy Has Evaporated

The most successful marriages are those where intimacy is still going strong. There are two types of intimacy that every good relationship must have: physical and emotional intimacy.

When you have stopped being physically intimate with your spouse, it is likely time to reevaluate things. When the emotional intimacy has evaporated, you will tend to feel lonely, unwanted and like your spouse no longer cares about you or your relationship.

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