More than 50 million people use Uber. Uber has been in Morris County since 2014. Lyft, Uber’s closest competitor, has 3 million monthly active riders. Lyft is in Parsippany as well. Smartphones are everywhere today, and in the future, it seems likely that almost everyone will have one.

As a lawyer who deals with passenger injuries, I want to help. Dealing with ride-sharing services is a unique and constantly evolving area of law, and we want to assist you in understanding it. Keep reading for more information on what to do if you have been in an Uber accident.

The First Steps

The first thing you should do after you have been in an accident of any kind is to attend to the medical needs of everyone involved. It is a good idea to check to see that the passengers in the other car are ok. You will want to keep in mind that certain problems or symptoms may not show up until hours, or even days, later so you should stay aware of your medical condition. Call an ambulance, if one is needed.

After that, you should record as much of the scene of the accident as you can. This may involve taking photos of the scene of the accident, gathering statements from eyewitnesses, and getting contact info from the other driver. The app itself will give you some information on your driver, but it cannot hurt to ask them for their name and a phone number.

You will want to call the police as soon as you possibly can. They will keep a record of who did what and will produce a preliminary report of the accident. You will want to be as honest as possible when you are speaking with the police. It can be difficult, because your adrenaline will be pumping, but you should deliver as much of the story as you can.

What Happens Next

This is the tricky part. If you have been hurt in a car accident, you have the right to sue for damages. Someone might be forced to pay for your medical bills, but first, you must determine who was at fault. Ride-sharing services are relatively new, and very few, if any, laws regulate what happens.

If the other driver was at fault, the matter can be resolved quickly. Their insurance can pay for it. It is advisable that you hire a lawyer in these situations, to help you get the highest compensation possible.

When your driver was at fault, it can be a bit more difficult. Both Uber and Lyft carry liability insurance. In addition, these services require their drivers to carry some form of insurance. If you are hurt in a ride-sharing accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation from both.

Uber, and companies like Uber, tend to deny liability at every single point. This means that they will try to pin the blame entirely on the driver. Not all of their arguments hold up in court, however, and your chances are greatly improved when you have a lawyer on your side.

A passenger is almost never found liable for a car accident, even if you called Uber.

Determining whether you should go after Uber itself or the driver’s insurance company is a decision best left to an expert.

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