Can dash cams help in automobile accidents? Dashboard-mounted cameras, or dash cams, provide valuable evidence when there is uncertainty about a case. With proper use, footage from your dash cam will establish evidence and help you settle an auto accident claim in your favor.  

Read more to find out the role dash cams can play in auto accidents, and see if it is a worthy investment for you.

Why Use Dash Cams in Auto Accident Claims?

Auto accidents happen unexpectedly. No matter how careful you are, you cannot account for the behavior of other people on the road. A car can suddenly cut you off, a person can jump in front of your car, or a distracted driver can ignore a red light and hit your car while going through the intersection.

Settling auto accident claims often become a tedious process because both parties can claim innocence. But technology has made it possible to add a layer of objectivity in auto accident cases.

Before personal dash cams became popular on the market, they were already associated with the police. Police vehicles have dash cams installed as another potential source of documentation and evidence. Now, dash cam footage from privately-owned cars provides the same benefit in auto accident claims.

In fact, law enforcement authorities prefer the use of dash cams in settling auto accident claims. Dash cams record video directly to an SD card. Some can even record sound, have night vision, and built-in GPS. Though having dash cam footage does not mean you automatically win the claim, it still benefits the proceedings of the case overall. In this instance, video footage is priceless. It can even be used in court.

How Else Can Dash Cams Help You in Your Claim?

In building evidence, your own word alone does not really measure much against the other person. If there are no other pieces of evidence or circumstances, trying to get compensation for the damage done to you and your car can be an uphill battle.

Aside from providing documentation of what happened, having dash cam footage will also prevent someone else from using false evidence or testimony against you. The other drive can claim that you were the party at fault. They might also blame other factors such as poor weather or bad road conditions. Dash cam footage can definitively rule out these assertions.

Ultimately, it is easier to establish fault in an auto accident case with dash cam footage as evidence.

Are Dash Cams a Worthy Investment?

Dash cams are legal and advisable tools for everyday driving, since they can help you in auto accident claims. Dash cams can also improve the driving behaviors of those around you, leading to less risky behavior.

Dashboard cameras also have many other uses. Some models start recording after detecting motion, so even when you leave your car parked, you know what is going on. You can also use dash cams to record interactions with police. For GPS-enabled versions, it is easier to find your car if it gets stolen.

With dash cams being affordable at $50 to $200 a piece, owning a dash cam is definitely a worthy investment.

How Do You Deal with Auto Accident Cases?

Whether or not you have dash cam footage, a good personal injury lawyer can help you prove liability and damages, and receive compensation after an auto accident. DeZao Law has a track record of success in recovering personal injury claims for over 25 years, including auto accident claims. Contact us today.