No matter what time of the year it is, people can slip and get hurt. It does not matter if there is snow on the ground or not. While snow and ice can cause slippery, wet conditions that increase a pedestrian’s risk of slipping and sustaining injuries, people can suffer from slip and falls anywhere and on any day, even when it is bright and sunny outside without a single drop of water on the ground. When you’re injured in a slip and fall accident, no matter how, there are certain things you should do. And there are certain things you should not do to attempt to receive compensation.

DeZao Law explains how things can go wrong and why you need to avoid making certain mistakes that could cause you to lose the claim against the defendant in the case.

Do Not Wait Too Long to File a Lawsuit

If you slip and get hurt, never wait too long to file a lawsuit. It is one of the first things you should think about doing; after receiving medical care at the hospital for any of your injuries. In the case of a New Jersey woman, Alicia Rivas, her slip and fall occurred in 2014, but she did not file a lawsuit against the defendant until two years later. Waiting too long to file a claim against a negligent party often makes victims look bad. 

There is also a statute of limitations that puts a cap on the number of years you have available to file a lawsuit for a personal injury before you can no longer attempt to get compensated for your injuries with help from a personal injury lawyer NJ.

Know the Facts When Filing

Another major mistake made by Rivas was her inability to remember where she fell and got injured. She claimed that she could not remember the exact intersection where the injury occurred. But she knows that her foot went into a hole, and then she tripped, falling right to the ground. While she may remember exactly how she fell, she did not remember where it happened, which can easily hurt a personal injury case

Those who are injured should make note of the exact location of the slip and fall right away. That is in order to avoid forgetting the names of the streets or the location of the business where it all happened. It would have been in the woman’s best interest to write the street names down; to have for reference at some point in the future. But she failed to provide that information to her personal injury attorney NJ.

Hurt in a Slip and Fall? DeZao Law Can Help

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