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It does not matter if it is the middle of winter or the beginning of summer—people can still sustain injuries from slip and fall accidents. There are dozens of different ways for someone to slip and get hurt. For example, they might slip on ice outside of a property or they might trip over uneven concrete that the owner of the property never took care of. 

No matter how it happens, victims of these accidents will often need to hire a trained personal injury lawyer NJ to assist them while making sure they do not make mistakes that could cause them to lose their case and not receive any compensation. DeZao Law explains one mistake you want to avoid when you are trying to get compensation for injuries that occurred during a slip and fall accident.

Know the Facts Beforehand

A slip and fall accident can lead to many serious injuries. Some of the serious injuries that can occur include broken bones, trauma to the head, and damage to the spine. However, these are only a handful of the many injuries someone can suffer from when they slip and fall too hard. When you are planning to hire a personal injury attorney in NJ because you are seeking damages, you need to know the facts beforehand.

A woman in New Jersey recently lost her case after failing to remember exactly where her accident occurred. The woman, Alicia Rivas, claimed to have experienced a fall on November 15, 2014. While she knew the date of the accident, she was unable to pinpoint the exact location as to where it happened. She simply stated that she unknowingly put her foot into a hole and then lost control of her body, causing her to end up on the ground and in pain with numerous injuries. Rivas did not file a lawsuit until 2016.

Mistakes to Avoid

Despite having a personal injury attorney NJ on her side, Rivas’ failure to remember the location of the accident is what ultimately caused her to lose her personal injury lawsuit. The issue begins with the length of time Rivas waited before choosing to file a lawsuit with assistance from her personal injury lawyer NJ. Although the accident occurred in November of 2014, she did not file the lawsuit until 2016. When waiting so long, it is easy to forget certain details that are important, including the location of where the slip and fall happened.

When you plan to hire a slip and fall lawyer in NJ, you should do so shortly after the accident occurs. You will need to tell the lawyer where the accident happened. Even if you eventually forget, your attorney will have that information in your case file.

Injured in a Slip and Fall? DeZao Law Wants to Help

Did you get hurt during a slip and fall accident? You may want to file a lawsuit because you have sustained serious injuries from the fall. If so, you need professional help from a slip and fall lawyer in NJ. At DeZao Law, we are fully prepared to provide the representation you need while making sure you can avoid making mistakes that would compromise your case. Give our office a call today at (973) 358-6134.

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