Traumatic Brain Injuries and Car Accidents: What You Need to Know

traumatic brain injury

Since they first appeared in the late 19th century, automobiles have become a part of the American landscape. Unfortunately, that familiarity is often accompanied by another all too familiar occurrence, the car accident. Countless numbers of people are injured and thousands die each year as a result of those motor vehicle accidents. Some injuries resulting from those accidents are minor with little residual effect on the victims, while others are serious and result in permanent disabilities. Today, we are looking at one of the serious injuries that result from car accidents, namely traumatic brain injury.

traumatic brain injurySuffering a Traumatic Brain Injury

While the most common complaints subsequent to motor vehicle accidents relate to neck and back pain, injuries to the brain are always of a serious nature. A concussion is perhaps the most common type of traumatic brain injury seen subsequent to car accidents. By its simplest definition, this is basically trauma to the brain. It can occur in a couple of ways. It may involve a direct impact of the head with a solid object, such as a steering wheel or dashboard.

Concussions can also occur with the head impacting an object, but as the result of a severe jolt or movement due to an impact of the vehicle with another vehicle or object. A concussion is usually accompanied by a loss of consciousness by the victim of the trauma. Either way, you should always take concussions seriously. They are serious business and the long-term damage resulting from a concussion can last for years.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Anyone who has suffered a head injury as the result of a car accident should not delay seeking medical care. Symptoms to look for subsequent to suffering a head trauma usually revolve around what are called changes in mental status, or changes in mentation. Such symptoms include confusion, forgetfulness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and headaches. More severe symptoms could include seizures. The long-term damage resulting from a traumatic brain injury can include severe mental and physical disabilities if not diagnosed and treated early. Also, keep in mind that sometimes the symptoms do not occur immediately. That is why it is imperative that a victim of a head trauma not delay seeking out medical care from a qualified physician immediately after the accident.  

Car Accident Injuries

You should always take car accident injuries seriously. The long-term physical damage that can result from a traumatic brain injury can include a loss of motor skills in the upper or lower extremities that resembles what occurs subsequent to a stroke. Other long-term injuries can include periodic seizures, which could eventually resolve or become permanent. Recently, researchers have found a link between traumatic brain injuries and dementia. The development of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, can occur years after the original injury.

traumatic brain injuryCar Accident Attorney

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