What if disaster struck right now? Would you know what to do? Where to go? How to get in touch with your family? What if all the lines of communication were down?

No one likes dwelling on worst-case scenarios, but giving them a little thought now could save your life later. Emergencies are a fact of life, and the more prepared you are, the better.

That’s why September is National Preparedness Month. It’s just a few weeks away, but are you… prepared? Fear not. We have everything you need to know about National Preparedness Month, including simple Disaster Preparedness Tips you can use to ensure your safety and survival.

National Preparedness Month: Expect the Unexpected

The purpose of National Preparedness Month is to encourage people to come up with a plan of action for themselves and for their loved ones. The tricky thing about most emergencies is that they arise without warning. That’s why you have to put together your reaction strategy before you need it.

A disaster could happen at any time, right here in Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ. While we always hope for the best, we also want to plan for the worst — just in case. National Preparedness Month specifically contemplates emergencies both large-scale and small: tornadoes, fires, floods, power outages, and even terrorism.

Of course, we here in New Jersey are all too familiar with the destructive capacity of sudden disaster, given the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. As we saw then, emergency responders are often overwhelmed in the face of disaster, and you may not be able to rely on everyday methods of communication or transportation.

How to Prepare for an Emergency: Disaster Preparedness Tips

“Be a force of nature.” That’s the official motto for National Preparedness Month, and it’s one that we here at The Law Offices of James C. DeZao, P.A. embrace. We’ve seen first-hand the catastrophic impact that disasters can have on everyday people. But even in the face of emergency, you are never helpless! Nor are you alone.

Readiness gives you peace of mind. Consider these Disaster Preparedness Tips as you build a game plan for your family:

  • Bookmark The Weather Channel (or the weather website of your choice) and check it often.
  • Sign up for emergency mobile weather alerts. The Weather Channel offers these, and your local news organizations and/or cell service provider may as well.
  • Prepare a disaster supply kit with at least three days’ worth of food and water. Be sure to refresh the supply as products expire.
  • Create a family emergency plan so that each member in your family knows where to go — and how to communicate — in various emergencies.
  • Pick up a compatible NOAA Weather Radio.
  • Be sure you have plenty of blankets and warm clothing in your home. It’s even a good idea to keep a blanket or two in your car.
  • Encourage your friends and family to prepare themselves too.
  • Visit to access detailed instructions and learn more.

Here to Help Morris County, NJ When the Unexpected Happens

The Law Offices of James C. DeZao, P.A. is a Morris County personal injury law firm dedicated to the safety of our community. Whether it’s something as dire as a disaster or even a serious personal injury, our firm is here to help.

We hope you’ll join us this September as we take National Preparedness Month to heart. And if you have any other Disaster Preparedness Tips, let us know!