Route 130 in Burlington County is a 23-mile stretch of road where 19 pedestrians have been killed in vehicle accidents in the past six years.

The road passes through 12 towns, from Cinnaminson to Bordentown

No other New Jersey state highway had more fatalities from 2009 to 2011 than Route 130, according to the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a non-profit organization.

Recently, New Jersey officials and lawmakers gathered for a news conference in Delran, a mile from the location of the latest death in March, to discuss possible ways to reduce the danger.

New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chisea announced that a grant of $225,000 would be used to pay for extra patrols on the highway to stop speeders and cite distracted and aggressive drivers.

John Pucher, a Rutgers University expert on pedestrian and cyclist safety, said that the lack of enforcement of pedestrian rights is the reason why there are so many pedestrian fatalities.

A study five years ago showed than only 20 percent of New Jersey drivers yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

State Assemblymen Troy Singleton of Burlington County said that he was cosponsoring bills that would increase fines for motorists who don’t yield to pedestrians. The bills would also create traffic-safety education programs and fund the installation of sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic signals that warn pedestrians how long they have to cross before the light changes.

These timers have been shown to be effective in protecting pedestrians, who may be poor judges of how fast an oncoming vehicle is approaching.
State Senator Diane Allen of Burlington County recommended studying which types of crosswalk markings are best at getting drivers’ attention.

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